Readers of historical novels want to feel like they’re living in a different time and place while they follow the characters through the pages of the plot. That puts an additional burden on the writer to get the balance between fact and fiction just right. Join author Jerrie Hurd to learn what to research, how to pick the right details, and when to weave them into the action. BTW the same struggle to balance fact and fiction also applies to writers of science fiction, history mysteries and creative nonfiction.

Jerrie Hurd’s novels are based on the groundbreaking research that changed how historians view the contributions women made to the settlement of the American West. Publisher’s Weekly describes her women characters as “gutsy, unforgettable and original.” Because of her books and research, Hurd was invited to serve as an advisor for the Autry Museum in Los Angeles and the Women of the West Museum when it was based in Boulder. She is also a widely published writer of short stories and essays. As if to prove that good research goes beyond the historical novel, Hur
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